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Sheriff Jason Frazier

Chief Deputy Justin Cole

Patrol Sgt. Brad McNeill

Patrol Sgt. Shay Vandivier

Detective Sgt. Cory Hutchins

Deputy Kyle Stonebraker

K9 Officer Chris McCann

K9 Officer Joshua Milbourn

​Deputy Edward McHargue

K9 Officer Chris Fisher






Jail Commander Ed Roach

Jail Sgt. Natalie McCall

Jail Sgt. Jason Hutson

​Jail Sgt. Dillon Edwards

​Jail Sgt. Kara Laznik

Thomas Potter

Jason Galey

Brenda Honaker

​​Shannon Smith

Joshua Keith

Leslie Honaker

Nathan Taylor

Morgan Burchett

Joshua Atkinson

Cory Millim

911 Radio Dispatch Operator Opening


The Parke County Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking applicants for a full time 911 Radio Dispatch Operator. 

Must use a computer aided dispatch system for all police, fire, and ems, must be able to type, multi-task and answer multiple phone lines,  operate a variety of communications equipment, including radio consoles, telephones, and computer systems.  Salary is $37,700  Health & Vacation benefits included.


All candidates must complete an Employment Application. No phone calls please. Applications can be picked up anytime in person at the Parke County Sheriff’s Office or downloaded from


Minimum Requirements:

Must be a US Citizen, at least 18 years old

Eye/Hearing Requirements

Must Pass Background Check and No Felony Convictions

Must be able to work flexible 12 hours shifts including some holidays and weekends.


Applications will be accepted until September 28, 2023.


Mark Maden

Brent Irelan

Wilyum Bettis

Tyler Milner

Robert Clarke

Roger Chapman

Matthew Roberts



Cindy Peterson

Christopher Waymire

Melissa Short

Shannon Hutson

Francesca Long

Part Time Dispatchers

Communications Supervisor

Darla Wirth

Matron Kyla Clover

Maintenance Jerry Chandler

Administrative Assistant Amy App

Nurse Toni Gilman

Kitchen Supervisor Linda Smith

Part Time Kitchen - Linda Shorter

Part Time Kitchen - Michelle Oaks


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